A design of unparalleled aesthetics, with unique curved lines in its outline and seating cushions with a sculptural tone, was born to meet the need to create a personalized design for each space. Its collection consists of a variety of different parts ready to tell their own story.
For the design, a fabric of unique texture and weave, created by the Italian factory Milano Tessuti from the company GALANIS INTERIOR FABRICS, has been chosen from a palette of unique colors and special shades. It is harmoniously combined with a fabric of high aesthetic and artistic design from the company GALANIS INTERIOR FABRICS.

  • Beech wood frame, covered with high quality foaming and extra “accoppiato” made in Italy
  • Removable main body and cushion covers
  • High quality feather fabric back cushion in triple compartmentalization stuffed with feathers, hypoallergenic polyester of pure materials
  • Sofa parts made of high quality foaming, with a hypoallergenic cover and extra “accoppiato” made in Italy.
  • Seating cushions made of high quality foaming. Hypoallergenic dacron and extra cotton upholstery
  • Custom dimensions available

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