A journey that starts in 1962 finds us today among the top manufacturers of the premium quality furniture industry. We go on with enthusiasm and a look into the future.

We create since 1962 and we keep going with the same passion and enthusiasm.

“For me everything started from the smell of the wood and the images of people giving shape to raw materials. From the first moment I visualized the comfort, the geometrical perfection, the architectural structure of the designs”.

Dimitris Ntafis Co-Founder & CEO

We have loved natural materials from the very start of our journey.

Wood has been an inseparable part of our products From ancient times, wood was used as foundation for the most intricate and durable constructions. For the core of our furniture we choose beech wood to build frames that could stand as work of art on their own.

We use contemporary materials to bring to life innovative ideas while staying true to our roots and employing natural materials.
Our expertise is depicted in all of our new creations. The mix of materials with the fine geometric structure leads to an outstanding seating experience making every piece of furniture special.

Looking ahead, we use shapes and volumes, geometry and color, shadows and light, to create unique experiences through our final products.
Our long experience together with our desire for creativity bring to life designs that are both innovative and reliable, modern and comfortable.

We share the passion for authenticity and distinction with our people, our partners and our clients. We focus on consistency, reliability and responsiveness. We believe in strong relations and long-term collaborations with our suppliers, customers and partners.

“From conception to creation, dafi-dafi is a fully integrated furniture design and manufacturing company. Home, Contract, Hotel & Yacht Furnishing and premium quality customized furnishing.

We stand for reliability, originality and innovation while staying true to our roots.


Bringing to life game changing furniture and ideas