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Timeless Furniture Craftsmanship: A Journey to the Future

A journey that commenced in 1962, finds us today at the forefront of the premium-quality furniture industry. Our commitment continues with unwavering enthusiasm and a forward-looking vision.


Crafting since 1962, our passion and enthusiasm endure.

“For me everything started from the smell of the wood and the images of people giving shape to raw materials. From the first moment I visualized the comfort, the geometrical perfection, the architectural structure of the designs.”

Dimitris Ntafis

Founder & CEO 

Crafting Timeless Experiences in Premium Upholstered Furniture

Designing the Future

We have loved natural materials from the very start of our journey. Wood has always been an integral part of our products. Throughout history, wood served as the foundation for the most intricate and enduring constructions. For the core of our furniture, we carefully select beech wood to craft frames that stand as individual works of art.

We embrace contemporary materials to breathe life into innovative concepts while remaining true to our roots and the use of natural materials.

Our expertise is evident in every new creation. The intricate interplay of materials with architectural precision and geometric perfection delivers an unparalleled seating experience, rendering each piece of furniture and design truly exceptional.

Looking ahead, we harness shapes and volumes, geometry and color, shadows and light to craft distinctive, immersive experiences within our final products.

Drawing from our extensive experience and fueled by our creative drive, we give life to designs that effortlessly merge innovation with reliability, modernity with comfort.

We share the passion for authenticity and distinction with our people, partners, and clients. We focus on consistency, reliability, and responsiveness. We believe in fostering strong relationships and long-term collaborations with our valued suppliers, customers, and partners.

dafi-dafi is a vertically integrated design and manufacturing leader for premium-quality upholstered furniture. Our core expertise lies in Home, Contract & Hospitality Upholstered Furnishing. We have a strong presence in premier furniture stores across Greece, and dafi-dafi is already making its mark in seven international markets. We foster strategic collaborations with architects, interior designers, and hospitality industry experts, alongside visionary designers from diverse backgrounds, to give life to revolutionary designs and concepts that redefine the industry.

We stand for reliability, originality and innovation while staying true to our roots.

Bringing to life game changing furniture and ideas

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