We use shapes and volumes, geometry and color, shadows and light, to create unique experiences through our final products.

Our vision

At dafi-dafi, our vision is to provide unique innovative furniture that weave captivating narratives, crafting personalized and immersive experiences for all. To lead with boundless creativity in design, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge materials that push the frontiers of innovation. To ignite inspiration across the globe, infusing life into every living space.

Our mission

Our mission is to expertly design and create original premium-quality upholstered furnishings that transcend time. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, we meet the ever-evolving needs of people for reliability, comfort, and elevated aesthetics.

Our values

Our people | Our Strength

At dafi-dafi, our people are our greatest strength. We invest in their development and well-being. Their long-running creativity driven by the same passion, their skills, and expertise, is our success. We believe in the power of our team to shape the future.

Our partners | Our Fortitude

We invest in our partners, suppliers, and clients to achieve our common goals, recognizing expertise, dedication, and our shared commitment to authenticity. We support our customers at every stage, from order placement and production, prioritizing prompt delivery and uncompromising quality, to providing exceptional after-sales service. Together, we build lasting relationships that drive mutual success.

Do it right | Starting from the inner part to make every piece of furniture unique

Quality is our unwavering commitment, rooted in the core of our furniture. We prioritize the use of authentic, natural materials, ensuring the durability and reliability of our designs, all while upholding respect for both the environment and humanity.

Exceptional quality is the result of integrity

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