PUFF Dafi C2024



PUFF Dafi has been renewed to be placed in any space, maintaining the maximum comfort and softness that distinguishes it. PUFF Dafi corner sofa is enriched with pioneering accessories that enhance its innovative design approach and highlight a new decorative perspective. A one-of-a-kind corner sofa is created to conquer the lovers of design and comfort.
For this design, a fabric of unique texture and weave, created by the Italian factory Milano Tessuti by the company GALANIS INTERIOR FABRICS, has been chosen from a palette of unique colors and special shades.

  • Beech wood frame, covered with high quality foaming and extra “accoppiato” made in Italy
  • Removable main body and cushion covers
  • High quality feather fabric back cushion in triple compartmentalization stuffed with feathers, hypoallergenic polyester of pure materials
  • High quality seating foaming with extra memory foam, a hypoallergenic cover and extra “accoppiato”
  • Hidden legs
  • Custom dimensions available
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