A fully-fledged archipelago of both pattern and color options, create a unique piece of furniture. The Z BENCH C2023 that will give an artistic tone in every room. An art-driven aesthetic is a fundamental to people’s lives as creativity, beauty and uniqueness are totally placed in the spotlight. An innovative support cushion-system provides usability and lends both harmony and balance, whilst the custom-designed handmade metal base enriches its distinctive profile and create a really piece of art.
A collection of high aesthetic fabrics with unique patterns has been chosen from the company THEMA by DILZAS.

Metallic frame and base | Diverse color options available
Removable covers
Seating cushion made of high quality foaming. Hypoallergenic dacron cover and extra cotton upholstery
Support cushion-system | High quality feather fabric back cushion in triple compartmentalization stuffed with feathers, hypoallergenic polyester of pure materials

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