A modular seating system that is a tribute to the elegant aesthetic. It is the expression of the balance between the sophisticated aesthetic and a design of strong presence. This pioneering intuition, is the best answer to the theme of modularity allowing each individual part of furniture tell a wide range of different, but still cohesive stories. When seating on this sofa you can admire every angle of the space. It’s a system of astounding elements, that can break up the compositional layout and form a personalized masterpiece. It stands out for its incomparable feeling of luxury along with its high-quality tailoring finish.
A one-of-a-kind heavy linen fabric with new generation modern materials, combined with a high-end velvet made 100% of cotton has been chosen form the company GALANIS INTERIOR FABRIC.

Beech wood frame
Removable main body and cushion covers
High quality feather fabric back cushion in triple compartmentalization stuffed with feathers, hypoallergenic polyester of pure materials
Seating, sofa parts and all the movable parts made of high quality foaming, with a hypoallergenic cover and extra “accoppiato” made in Italy.
Metallic base
Movable backrests
Double-sided and multiform design
Custom dimensions available
Polygonal sofa part | Custom dimensions not available

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