A sofa corner that could be considered as the trademark of our company’s creations. Designed in 2010 to highlight the aesthetic of an astonishing loft in the heart of Athens, exhibited in 2013 and till today, is one of our most iconic furniture designs. LOUIS DEUX is bright again and brings a sense of calmness and inspiration. The extremely soft pure linen that embraces it, meets the most unique seating experience one can ever imaging.
A sophisticated linen fabric has been chosen form the company ERGANI Tailored by Karatzoglou.

Beech wood frame
Removable main body and cushion covers
Double row seating cushions made of high quality foaming. Hypoallergenic Dacron cover and extra cotton upholstery
High quality feather fabric back cushions stuffed with feathers, hypoallergenic polyester of pure materials
Custom dimensions available

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