It’s an expression of excellence that combines innovation with creative flair. Calibrated proportions, ergonomic design and flexibility are some of the key words describing this piece of furniture, which consists of individual sofa parts that embrace one another. It’s a corner sofa that offers the opportunity to create a just-in-time design using the multiple options of placing the sofa components in a variety of different angles, presenting a completely new, and with alternative visual directions withing the space, furniture design. The rounded swivel part is placed between the two movable “wings”, which allows you to both have a 360o view and to redirect the installation of the sofa in relation to the room. Each part of this seating system can also stand on its own as individual object, revealing a whole furniture collection ready to be combined to create personalized compositions.
An innovative and of high-quality 3D-looking fabric has been chosen for this design from the company Metridis Philosophy.

Beech wood frame
Removable main body and cushion covers
High quality feather fabric back cushion in triple compartmentalization stuffed with feathers, hypoallergenic polyester of pure materials
Seating and sofa parts made of high quality foaming, with a hypoallergenic cover and extra “accoppiato” made in Italy.
Multiform design
Rounded part | Metallic swivel base
Custom dimensions not available.

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