Designing the Future: Our Furniture Legacy

  • 1962


    The Foundation

    Economist Georgios Ntafis opened the first facility for crafting upholstered furniture in the heart of Athens, where he created a collection of sofas adorned with intricate wooden elements, in line with the spirit of the era.

  • 1978


    The First Large-Scale Factory

    The first large-scale factory was inaugurated in the historic industrial heart of Piraeus, accompanied by a simultaneous vertical integration of the production of internal wooden frameworks.

  • 1980


    The First Innovations

    Versatile sofa designs are introduced into the production line, pioneering innovations that challenged the morphological standards of the era, crafted by the young and talented architect Dimitris Sfyris.

  • 1985


    Expansion with a Second Factory

    The company continues to grow and inaugurates its second factory in the western suburbs of Attica.

  • 1989


    Relocation to Two New Modernized Factories

    The company relocates to two new, modernized factories in the western suburbs of Attica, enabling its expansion into new furniture market segments.

  • 1995


    At the Crossroad of Decisions – Investing in the Future

    At the young age of 23, Dimitris Ntafis, the son of the revered Georgios Ntafis, takes the helm of the company. Memories, images, the company’s history, and his own vision for the future shape the path ahead. The company repositions itself in the market, focusing exclusively on high-end, upholstered furniture. The product portfolio expands to include a refined collection of armchairs and beds. The company invests in developing its human capital, assembling a specialized team with a shared vision. It strengthens long-term partnerships with suppliers who share its values, ensuring the strictest quality standards are met. Further reinforcing its strategic collaborations, the company solidifies its presence among the most significant furniture distributors in Greece, while also making its mark on the international stage.

  • 2000


    Entering the Hospitality Industry

    The company expands its operations into the hospitality industry, designing high-end upholstered furniture for hotels, cruise ships, and luxury yachts. True to its commitment to high quality, it collaborates with top architects and interior designers, further enhancing its reputation.

Designing Tomorrow, Embracing Sustainability

  • 2012


    Rebranding – Shaping the Future

    The company unveils its new identity as dafi-dafi while investing in strengthening its brand, which now adorns all its furniture. With a vision to transform the physicality of furniture into an experiential journey, it introduces a fresh design perspective, emphasizing bold forms, clean geometric lines, and durability.

  • 2014


    The First Export Ventures

    dafi-dafi commences its export activities, reaching European markets under its own brand name. The initial countries to embrace our products are Cyprus and Italy.

  • 2016


    New Contemporary Production Facility - Embracing Eco-Friendly Practices

    With a forward-looking perspective, dafi-dafi relocates its production to a new, modern facility in the western suburbs of Attica, reinforcing its manufacturing capabilities. It remains unwaveringly committed to high-quality standards while prioritizing environmentally friendly practices, seeking contemporary natural and eco-friendly materials.

  • 2019


    International Collaborations

    Significant partnerships are developed with companies abroad, expanding the export activities to countries outside the European Union.

    Our passion for revolutionary designs leads us to the beginning of an exceptional collaboration with the one of the most world-known luxury fashion brand RIANNA + NINA, inaugurating the partnership in Berlin, Paris and Marbella.

  • 2022


    Inauguration of the New State-of-the-Art Production Facility

    Reinvesting in the future, dafi-dafi inaugurates its new, larger facility in the Metamorphosis area of Attica, which serves as the company’s headquarters to this day. The investment in modern infrastructure, technology, and equipment aligns with the company’s unwavering commitment to high-quality standards, environmental consciousness, and the continuous improvement of the working environment.

  • Today


    Six Decades Since Crafting Our First Piece of Furniture we continue with the same passion and unwavering commitment to high quality

    For over six decades, dafi-dafi has been at the forefront of premium upholstered furniture. Specializing in Home and Contract – Hospitality Furnishing, we craft pieces that exemplify elevated aesthetics and enduring quality. We have a strong presence in premier furniture stores across Greece and a growing international footprint now reaching seven international markets. With our focus on the future, we unite with hospitality industry experts and visionary designers to breathe life into revolutionary designs and concepts.